Colt Anal Douche (E326)

Colt Anal Douche

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Good clean fun, from top to bottom! Having a cleanse can take the anxiety out of bottoming, especially if you enjoy a hands (or tongues) on approach, and whether you're douching for preparation or pleasure, the Colt Anal Douche makes it quick, easy, and enjoyable.

Just insert the ribbed probe into your anus, then fill the latex bulb with warm water, plug the nozzle into the probe, and compress the bulb (if you're a first timer, it's recommended you start off in the shower). Let this wash away any anxiety and you'll be able to relax properly into a good pounding.

Product Details

 • Probe length: 4.25 in (10.8 cm)

 • Bulb and nozzle: 7.25 in (18.4 cm)

 • Bulb: 4.25 in (10.8 cm)

 • Total length: 10 in (25.4 cm)

 • Probe and nozzle, ABS plastic

 • Bulb, latex

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