Collins Speculum (B860)


Collins Speculum

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The Collins Speculum has a superior design and feel. This forged surgical stainless steel speculum has much smoother edges than typically less expensive stamped steel speculums, and feels much more comfortable as it slips in. The wide open hinging action allows for deeper viewing without a lot of discomfort, so this speculum is often used for long term medical sex play.

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It's easy to use. Just turn the hand screw at the bottom until you reach the desired width. This speculum comes with a wing screw which is approximately 1.75" long for proper adjusting and spreading. Also can be used for anal play.

B860 (Small): It measures 6" from end to end. When the blades are spread open fully they are 4.25" apart. The blades themselves measure 3.5" and are 1.25" wide.

B861 (Large): The dimensions for this large speculum are 6.5" from tip to toe measured horizontally. The blades spread to a width of 4.25".

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