College Reunion (AS00101)


College Reunion
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Synopsis: Anastasia's gorgeous girlfriend Sasha Monet is visiting her this weekend. The two of them connect back quickly and Anastasia has more in mind than just innocent sexual games reminiscing of their college days, when she invite the redhead beauty to her bedroom. At first, trusting Sasha finds amusing to play dress up and to get tied spread eagle to the four poster bed before being teased and feather tickled by Anastasia. But soon, Sasha is not so quick to want to continue playing after Anastasia leaves her blindfolded, tied in a stringent hogtie squirming to get free. Little she knows, that Anastasia is standing at her side secretly video taping her struggle... How far will Anastasia be able to continue convincing Sasha to keep playing her games? Will a ride on the fucking machine be good enough to keep Sasha from turning the table on her?

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