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Sex and Metal Silicone Flogger

Sex and Metal Silicone Flogger "The Inspirer" $80.40

Regular Price: $134.00
Clearance Price: $80.40!

Want your instructions to carry more impact? The extra elastic snap of this silicone flogger will underline your words in sharp red lines!

The... More >>

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "Silicone Spire" $75.60

Regular Price: $126.00
Clearance Price: $75.60!

This dragon tail whip features a classic style of Sex and Metal carved steel handle crowned with a single thick sheet of silicone rolled into lily shape for a... More >>

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "The Titan"  $71.40

Regular Price: $119.00
Clearance Price: $71.40!

Like some powerful warrior from a faraway land, here’s a novel use of modern materials that ought to be be quite exciting for flogging enthusiasts of the old... More >>

Sex and Metal Flogger

Sex and Metal Flogger "The Hydra" $80.40

Regular Price: $134.00
Clearance Price: $80.40!

This stunning flogger from Sex and Metal features about 20 supple silicone falls that have an extra sting, thanks to the elastic quality of the silicone, which... More >>

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "Silicone Serpent Tongue" $71.40

Regular Price: $119.00
Clearance Price: $71.40!

The Serpent Tongue Whip is a handcrafted silicone dragon tail flogger made from a rolled piece of high quality silicone and a handle made from powder-coated... More >>

Sex and Metal Ostrogoth Choker

Sex and Metal Ostrogoth Choker $47.40

Regular Price: $79.00
Clearance Price: $47.40!

This stunning and sexy steel choker accentuates the neck and cleavage of the wearer beautifully. This chain choker features a frontspiece of two spikes welded to... More >>

Sex and Metal Thrice Screwed Cock Ring

Sex and Metal Thrice Screwed Cock Ring $47.40

Regular Price: $79.00
Clearance Price: $47.40!

The Thrice Screwed Cock Ring is a 3 ringed, steel cock and ball trap device that literally screws into the penis to keep it in place. This innovative, handcrafted... More >>

KinkLab Nikola Vibrator (TM)

KinkLab Nikola Vibrator (TM) $99.00

Regular Price: $189.00
Clearance Price: $99.00!

Electrify Your Love Life!™

Experience more intense orgasms with the added power of e-stim! Electric pulses provide Kegel stimulation... More >>

Book Smart: Perfecting Your Stroke

Book Smart: Perfecting Your Stroke $24.00

Regular Price: $40.00
Clearance Price: $24.00!

There’s nothing like getting lost in a good book... especially when that book is an ingeniously disguised masturbation kit, with everything you need to bring... More >>

Kink Collar, Pink

Kink Collar, Pink $18.00

Regular Price: $29.95
Clearance Price: $18.00!

•  Webbed nylon reinforced with leather straps for durability
•  Features bondage D-ring for point of attachment More >>

The Lick

The Lick $18.95

Regular Price: $29.00
Clearance Price: $18.95!

The Lick is a stimulating vibrator that made its way here from England by popular demand. Shaped similarly to its moniker, The Lick is a completely silent... More >>

Dr. Laura Berman's Shades of Purple Playroom Kit

Dr. Laura Berman‘s Shades of Purple Playroom Kit $25.00

Regular Price: $47.99
Clearance Price: $25.00!

For fans of that particular chart topping bookseries, or for those just looking for a beginners kit for the kinkier side of sex and lovemaking, Dr. Laura Berman's... More >>

Pjur Woman Aqua Personal Lubricant

Pjur Woman Aqua Personal Lubricant $10.00

Regular Price: $14.95.00
Clearance Price: $10.00!

Pjur Woman Aqua Personal Lubricant is a Premium waterbased personal lubricant created for daily use and composed of clinical ingredients which are manufactured... More >>

Kama Sutra Honey Dust Body Powder

Kama Sutra Honey Dust Body Powder $15.00

Regular Price: $24.00
Clearance Price: $15.00!

This edible body powder has a sweet, intimate flavor. It is made from honey and other food-grade ingredients which are friendly to the skin. Honey Dust comes in a... More >>

Rainbow Cock Rings

Rainbow Cock Rings $5.95

Regular Price: $11.00
Clearance Price: $5.95!

*Please note: There are only two color/size options left. All other color/size options are discontinued and no longer available.

These... More >>

Devil Duckie Vibrator

Devil Duckie Vibrator $13.95

Regular Price: $21.00
Clearance Price: $13.95!

This adorably devilish waterproof vibrator sits by your bath, jacuzzi, or bed looking innocently like a bath toy! The Devil Duckie sports his own stylish red cape... More >>

Translucent Gyro-Vibe

Translucent Gyro-Vibe $38.00

Regular Price: $84.00
Clearance Price: $38.00!

What fun you'll have in the dark with this soft jelly-like vibrator. When activated, the built-in LED lights in the powerful gyrating head of this toy will... More >>

Natural Contours Superbe

Natural Contours Superbe  $16.00

Regular Price: $24.99
Clearance Price: $16.00!

Natural Contours' Superbe offers a much wider surface area, more to hold onto, and a fashion-forward look. Its slight curve fits easily in the hand and... More >>

X-Vibe Bullet

X-Vibe Bullet  $5.00

Regular Price: $7.50
Clearance Price: $5.00!

Sleek and small, the X-Vibe Bullet is a versatile and effective pleasure tool. Don’t let the size fool you: this 7-speed wireless vibe comes in five shiny colors... More >>

Bullet Vibe

Bullet Vibe $12.00

Regular Price: $19.99.00
Clearance Price: $12.00!

The Bullet Vibrator may be small but it is indeed mighty. One of the most intense clitoral stimulators, its compact size is ideal for discretion and travel.... More >>

Partner One Vinyl Dildo

Partner One Vinyl Dildo $75.00

Regular Price: $99.00
Clearance Price: $75.00!

The Partner One Vinyl Dildo is a huge realistic looking black dildo. It is crafted of hand-poured vinyl, making it smooth and weighty. The rounded base and large... More >>

Clone-A-Pussy Molding Kit

Clone-A-Pussy Molding Kit $19.95

Regular Price: $29.95
Clearance Price: $19.95!

This fun and easy Do-It-Yourself Kit includes everything you'll need to make an incredibly detailed, life-size rubber copy of the outer portion of any vagina from... More >>

Jelly Fingers for G-2 Pocket Rocket

Jelly Fingers for G-2 Pocket Rocket $1.95

Regular Price: $3.50
Clearance Price: $1.95!

We began stocking the G-2 Pocket Rocket after receiving numerous requests for this modest but powerful nifty little vibrator. Fans will be happy to add the Jelly... More >>

Spirit and Flesh

Spirit and Flesh $25.00

Regular Price: $50.00
Clearance Price: $25.00!

If you've ever seen Fakir Musafar's photographs in "Modern Primitives", Body Play magazine or on television programs, you will know what to expect of his... More >>

My Life and Loves (Frank Harris)

My Life and Loves (Frank Harris) $13.00

Regular Price: $16.95
Clearance Price: $13.00!

This is the autobiography of a very accomplished sexual adventurer who drops names shamelessly.

As a very successful editor of some top literary... More >>

Sugar Lips Gift Bags

Sugar Lips Gift Bags $10.00

Regular Price: $29.50.00
Clearance Price: $10.00!

The Sugar Lips Gift Bag is a delightful set of Sugar Lips erotic cosmetics adorably packaged in a clear plastic zip-up travel case with shimmering silver trim.... More >>

Sugar Lips Erotic Cosmetics

Sugar Lips Erotic Cosmetics $5.00

Regular Price: $8.50
Clearance Price: $5.00!

*Whip Me Cream is no longer available

Sugar Lips is a delicious tasting sensual lipstick or nipple gloss. It is the first product of its kind. There... More >>

Penthouse Erotic Audio Series

Penthouse Erotic Audio Series  $21.00 | SALE: $9.95

Regular Price: $21.00
Clearance Price: $9.95!

The Penthouse Audio Series opens up the imagination with provocative, sensationally sexy stories. This series includes tales of women looking for love, or at least... More >>

Extra Ring for Chastity Devices

Extra Ring for Chastity Devices $16.00

Regular Price: $20.00
Clearance Price: $16.00!

The CB-2000 and CB-3000 consist of two main parts, the cage portion and the cuff ring. This is an extra ring, in addition to the rings that already come with... More >>