Coiled Pleasure Glass Dildo

Coiled Pleasure Glass Dildo $25.00

Regular Price: $50.00
Clearance Price: $25.00!

The Coiled Pleasure Glass dildo is a black and white swirled and curved glass insertable sex toy designed to stimulate the clitoris and female g-spot at the same... More >>

Indigo Glass Dildo

Indigo Glass Dildo $25.00

Regular Price: $50.00
Clearance Price: $25.00!

The Indigo Glass dildo is a purple, translucent glass insertable sex toy with four segments and a slight curve design. You can swirl it or twirl it, and both ends... More >>

Kama Sutra Honey Dust Body Powder

Kama Sutra Honey Dust Body Powder $15.00

Regular Price: $24.00
Clearance Price: $15.00!

This edible body powder has a sweet, intimate flavor. It is made from honey and other food-grade ingredients which are friendly to the skin. Honey Dust comes in a... More >>

Vibratex Rock Your World Rabbit Vibe

Vibratex Rock Your World Rabbit Vibe $49.00

Regular Price: $72.00
Clearance Price: $49.00!

From the makers of Vibratex, the Rock Your World Rabbit Vibrator has a rounded vibrating head, a butterfly-shaped clitoral stimulator, and gently raised spikes... More >>

Vibratex Pixie Plus

Vibratex Pixie Plus $44.00

Regular Price: $69.99
Clearance Price: $44.00!
This pink pleaser from Vibratex does double duty for the g-spot and the clit. The devilishly satisfying insertable portion comes complete with a small moving “tongue” beneath... More >>

Translucent Gyro-Vibe

Translucent Gyro-Vibe $38.00

Regular Price: $84.00
Clearance Price: $38.00!

What fun you'll have in the dark with this soft jelly-like vibrator. When activated, the built-in LED lights in the powerful gyrating head of this toy will... More >>

Fleur de Lis Delight

Fleur de Lis Delight $19.00

Regular Price: $30.00
Clearance Price: $19.00!

Evolved's Fleur de Lis Delight vibrator is beautifully designed from the packaging to the product. The Delight has a seamless satin soft finish with raised... More >>

Natural Contours' Petite Pink Ribbon

Natural Contours‘ Petite Pink Ribbon  $16.00

Regular Price: $24.99
Clearance Price: $16.00!

Natural Contours' Petite Pink Ribbon edition clitoral vibrator was made with the woman in mind. Its slightly curved shape is made to fit in the palm of the hand... More >>

The Vibrating Oro-Simulator

The Vibrating Oro-Simulator $12.00

Regular Price: $19.50
Clearance Price: $12.00!

A multi-speed vibrating device which simulates the sensation of oral sex for men. A soft 5½" latex... More >>

Venus Butterfly Massager

Venus Butterfly Massager $14.95

Regular Price: $19.50
Clearance Price: $14.95!

This vibrating pink butterfly is a classic favorite for women. A multi-speed mini-vibe is... More >>

Silicone Pleasure Orb

Silicone Pleasure Orb $10.00

Regular Price: $16.00
Clearance Price: $10.00!

This is a variation on our best-selling vibrating bullet. On this version, a soft, translucent purple silicone sleeve is added to the bullet, giving... More >>

X-Vibe Bullet

X-Vibe Bullet  $5.00

Regular Price: $7.50
Clearance Price: $5.00!

Sleek and small, the X-Vibe Bullet is a versatile and effective pleasure tool. Don’t let the size fool you: this 7-speed wireless vibe comes in five shiny colors... More >>

Bullet Vibe

Bullet Vibe $12.00

Regular Price: $19.99.00
Clearance Price: $12.00!

The Bullet Vibrator may be small but it is indeed mighty. One of the most intense clitoral stimulators, its compact size is ideal for discretion and travel.... More >>

Partner One Vinyl Dildo

Partner One Vinyl Dildo $75.00

Regular Price: $99.00
Clearance Price: $75.00!

The Partner One Vinyl Dildo is a huge realistic looking black dildo. It is crafted of hand-poured vinyl, making it smooth and weighty. The rounded base and large... More >>

Louis Vinyl Dildo

Louis Vinyl Dildo $50.00

Regular Price: $70.00
Clearance Price: $50.00!

Hefty and sturdy, this black dildo has realistic veins on the shaft and is nicely bendable but not too squishy. Suction base for firm mounting on flat,... More >>

Tiny Dick

Tiny Dick $7.00

Regular Price: $9.90
Clearance Price: $7.00!

This little vinyl dildo has balls at the base and works well with strap-on harnesses. It is nicely shaped and attractively... More >>

Glow-In-the-Dark Clone-A-Willy

Glow-In-the-Dark Clone-A-Willy $24.95

Regular Price: $44.95
Clearance Price: $24.95!

The Glow-in the-Dark Clone-A-Willy is the perfect kinky green gift. It’s easy being green and makes being glow in the dark easy and fun!

This... More >>

Clone-A-Pussy Molding Kit

Clone-A-Pussy Molding Kit $19.95

Regular Price: $29.95
Clearance Price: $19.95!

This fun and easy Do-It-Yourself Kit includes everything you'll need to make an incredibly detailed, life-size rubber copy of the outer portion of any vagina from... More >>

The Stinger

The Stinger $32.00

Regular Price: $42.00
Clearance Price: $32.00!

This soft vibrating red jelly scorpion is meant to stimulate everything at once. The stinger has a bendable internal spine which can be maneuvered into an... More >>

Jelly Fingers for G-2 Pocket Rocket

Jelly Fingers for G-2 Pocket Rocket $1.95

Regular Price: $3.50
Clearance Price: $1.95!

We began stocking the G-2 Pocket Rocket after receiving numerous requests for this modest but powerful nifty little vibrator. Fans will be happy to add the Jelly... More >>

Spirit and Flesh

Spirit and Flesh $25.00

Regular Price: $50.00
Clearance Price: $25.00!

If you've ever seen Fakir Musafar's photographs in "Modern Primitives", Body Play magazine or on television programs, you will know what to expect of his... More >>

My Life and Loves (Frank Harris)

My Life and Loves (Frank Harris) $13.00

Regular Price: $16.95
Clearance Price: $13.00!

This is the autobiography of a very accomplished sexual adventurer who drops names shamelessly.

As a very successful editor of some top literary... More >>

Sugar Lips Gift Bags

Sugar Lips Gift Bags $10.00

Regular Price: $29.50.00
Clearance Price: $10.00!

The Sugar Lips Gift Bag is a delightful set of Sugar Lips erotic cosmetics adorably packaged in a clear plastic zip-up travel case with shimmering silver trim.... More >>

Sugar Lips Erotic Cosmetics

Sugar Lips Erotic Cosmetics $5.00

Regular Price: $8.50
Clearance Price: $5.00!

Sugar Lips is a delicious tasting sensual lipstick or nipple gloss. It is the first product of its kind. There is “Lick My Strawberry”, “Pump me Colada” and “Whip... More >>