Chrome Cat Mask (B386)

Chrome Cat Mask

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Indulge in a night of feline fantasy when your eyes catch the glint of light that makes it past the shining curves of the Chrome Cat Mask.

With teardrop shaped eyes that sport upturned corners and a softly curving frame that ends in points at the temples, this mask has a seductive shape that's purrfect for frolicking fetish fun.

Tie it tightly against your face with its leather tie straps to ensure a playful and mysterious visage. And don't worry about any uncomfortable chafing as it sidles up against your features -- this mask is lined with black suede that doesn't need to beg to be touched. The shining chrome that is visible above the brass base of the mask makes for a covering that is light but not too light to be trifled with.

Just one look at your in this mask will have everyone lining up to pet you!

Product Details:

 • Tie length: 13in/33cm

 • Mask width: 5.75in/14.5cm

 • Mask height: 2.5in/6.5cm

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