Champion (D635)

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Champion, directed by celebrated feminist porn director Shine Louise Houston, stars Syd Blakovich (a Blowfishie and a real-life mixed martial artist) in a tale of fucking and fighting that transcends the level of ordinary porn; it's better considered as an indie lesbian film that happens to include a lot of explicit sex. Jessie (Syd) is a martial artist on the cusp of the big time — going on the circuit, getting corporate sponsorship, the whole deal. But the clean and wholesome image her manager has worked so hard to create is starting to slip as rumors of her homosexuality and promiscuity begin to slip out onto the internet. Things get worse when an old enemy threatens to reveal the truth about Jessie's life to a magazine — unless Syd agrees to throw an important fight.

Intermingled with this tale of ambition and betrayal are, of course, lots of the intense, passionate, and playful lesbian sex scenes we've come to expect from Houston's work. The best of a very good lot is Syd's sex with Blowfish favorite Madison Young, which is one of the hottest girl-girl scenes ever committed to film: Syd's easy control makes a captivating match with Madison, who is fetchingly all a-tremble as she's slapped around, eaten out, and fucked with a strap-on. Other good scenes include a rather sweet and tender coupling with Syd and Jiz Lee, and Dylan Ryan's back-of-a-van romp with Javier, where they both take turns wearing the cock and wearing one another out. Syd's sexual chemistry with rival fighter Dallas adds a smoldering intensity that helps drive the plot. This is the peak of Houston's considerable achievements as a director, and a must-see for fans of real lesbian sex, ultimate fighting, and — simply — good cinema.

Winner of "Movie of the Year" in the 2009 Feminist Porn Awards!

(2008, 90 min.)

Cast: Syd Blakovich, Dallas, Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan, Madison Young, Javier, Brooklyn Flaco (non-sex), Trouble Royale (non-sex)

Shine Louise Houston
Pink and White/Blowfish Video

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