CB3000 - Cage Only (D596)

CB3000 - Cage Only

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The CB3000 Cage goes with the CB3000 male chastity device kit. It is only compatible with rings from the CB6000 and CB6000S. The cage is constructed out of polycarbonate and is clear allowing the penis to be easily viewed. The slope of the cage is one of the design features which makes the device virtually undetectable underneath clothing and therefore very discreet and comfortable.


  • Cage Inside Length is 3in(7.6cm)

  • Cage Inside Diameter is 1.38in(3.50cm)

  • Weight .080lbs(1.25oz)

  • Made of Polycarbonate

  • Available in Clear

Safety, Care and Usage

For best results clean your CB3000 with warm water and soap. While wearing, clean yourself and CB3000 with soap and water. Lubricate to allow penis to move comfortably while wearing the CB3000.

Note: This option does NOT include any of the rings, locks or other accessories.

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