Bullet & Pocket Sized Vibes

Echo by SVAKOM

Echo by SVAKOM $89.99

Small, delicate, and nestling perfectly into the palm of your hand, Echo is a tongue-shaped vibrator whose soft curves glide easily over your skin. Its whisper-soft motor makes it perfect for business trips and weekend getaways, and its petite size, simple design, and subtle color won’t draw stares... More >>

Luna and Selene by SVAKOM

Luna and Selene by SVAKOM $182.80

Luna is a waterproof bullet vibe. Selene is a disc-shaped nipple massager. Alone, either vibrator is a powerful but discreet toy, but thanks to wireless technology, it’s even better when they play together. The two share a two-way remote control interface that allows each unit to double as a... More >>

Iroha Mini

Iroha Mini $25.00

Do you love some bright color with your playtime? The Iroha Mini is for you. Its playful colors and elegant curves give it a simple beauty that makes it as pleasing to the eyes as to the body. Compact enough to nestle in the palm of your hand, the Mini is a perfect travel companion for those who... More >>

Minna Limon Vibrator

Minna Limon Vibrator $158.00

Ever squeeze your partner when they’re making all of the right moves to say you want more? Imagine using that simple, instinctive squeeze to control the intensity of your vibrator, and then being able to that same pleasurable vibration pattern to use again and again for tried and true future fun?... More >>

Lelo HULA Beads

Lelo HULA Beads $169.00

A vibrating, rotating, remote-controlled Kegel exerciser? This toy does almost everything! Public perverts and private lovers alike will thrill to Lelo’s HULA, the Kegel balls with a twist.

HULA’s two sensuously curved beads look similar, but while one vibrates, the other rotates.... More >>

Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager

Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager $79.95

Whether at home, at work, out for the day or for the week, you'll never have to go without a back-arching orgasm for long when you're carrying the Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager!

Made of soft non-phthalate silicone, this massager feels smooth as it fits in your hand and won't... More >>

Mini Magic Attachment

Mini Magic Attachment $14.95

If you've come to love your convenient Mini Magic Massager, you'll grow even more inseparable when you put it together with its specifically designed attachment!

Just like its parent product, the Mini Magic Massager, this attachment is... More >>

Tickler Pocket Toyfriends

Tickler Pocket Toyfriends $19.95

Tough day? Melt the tension away with the Pocket Toyfriends collection of mini-vibes in four fun colors. Toyfriends provide the perfect quick pick-me-up between meetings and appointments-- they go wherever you do!

Each Toyfriend is about the size of a lipstick and functions as both a... More >>

Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator

Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator $99.99 | SALE: $74.99

One of our most requested products makes its proud return…please welcome back Amorino.

You're going to forget all about your other toys when you use this innovation in vibrating and stimulating technology. When you turn the toy on, the yellow silicone band stretched between the tip... More >>

Play With Me Wireless Vibrating Egg

Play With Me Wireless Vibrating Egg $34.50

The Wireless Vibrating Egg from Blush Novelties offers endless public and private fun. The waterproof, silky-smooth egg slips comfortably inside the body, and its accompanying remote control is effective from up to 40 feet away to tease and titillate from the next room.

The wireless... More >>

Mini Magic Massager

Mini Magic Massager $39.00

The Mini Magic Massager is a discreet and powerful handheld massager from Vibratex that offers six toe-curling vibration settings and is petite enough to fit easily in your purse.

Made of velvet-touch silicone with a flexible neck, this clitoral stimulation toy is custom designed to... More >>

The Sqweel 2

The Sqweel 2 $59.99

Searching for that perfect, quiet pocket size clit stimulator designed to tickle your fancy without letting all your neighbors know what you’re up to? The updated Sqweel 2 from Love Honey is a must-have for the toy lover seeking discreet but powerful titillation.

Harnessing the... More >>

Foreplay Ice Chill Massager

Foreplay Ice Chill Massager $31.50

The purest form of temperature play; experience the delicious shock of vibrating ice on skin with the Ice Chill foreplay massager!

Fill the silicone base with water, then slip the massager bulb in, and place in the freezer. Gently peel back the base, and a smooth knobbed bulb of ice... More >>

Foreplay Ice Frost Massager

Foreplay Ice Frost Massager $28.50

The thrill of temperature play, without the drips! This vibrating, waterproof ice massager keeps the frozen payload behind a layer of cool, nubbed silicone, for provocatively frosty foreplay titillation.

The erotic sensation of ice on skin is heightened when you engage the integrated... More >>

Jimmyjane Iconic Bullet

Jimmyjane Iconic Bullet  $16.00

No collection is complete without this classic! The Jimmyjane Iconic Bullet is a modern take on the tried and true standby. In a pure white color with three speeds, it is powerful yet compact. Its small size makes it discreet for travel and everyday on-the-go use. Perfect for clitoral and nipple... More >>

Mini Bullet One Touch Vibrator

Mini Bullet One Touch Vibrator $9.00

This mini bullet vibrator is versatile and effective. With just the click of the black button this discreet little vibe will start a nice strong buzz.

With good batteries the vibration is very... More >>

The Screaming O Glow Bullet

The Screaming O Glow Bullet $12.95

The Screaming O Glow Bullet is a tiny yet powerful vibrating bullet. The one speed, one button control has built in LED mood lighting! Waterproof and portable, this mini vibrator may just be your new best friend.


  • Total Length is... More >>

Micro Finger Tingler

Micro Finger Tingler $24.00

Give yourself that magic touch... at least on one finger!

The Micro Finger Tingler is a very small device designed to clip onto a finger turning it into a mini-vibrator. It produces a quiet, high-frequency vibration that is perfect for... More >>

Fun Factory Spring Minivibe

Fun Factory Spring Minivibe $74.90 | SALE: $56.14

Quiet, powerful and pretty - The Spring Minivibe, made by Fun Factory, is decorated with hibiscus flowers on its 100% silicone shaft. It has 3 adjustable speeds to choose and switch around from, to keep things exciting. Best of all, it is waterproof, which means extra bath time fun!
More >>

Fun Factory Bubbles MiniVibe

Fun Factory Bubbles MiniVibe $84.99 | SALE: $63.74

It’s adorably cute, and erotically powerful… it’s the Fun Factory Bubbles vibrator!

This sexy little silicone vibrator has 4 rounded segments and 5 adjustable speeds ranging from gentle massage to relentless pleasure. It also has 3 different vibration programs. The Bubbles is a quiet but... More >>

Slinky Pinky

Slinky Pinky $34.99

The Slinky Pinky is another amazing vibrator manufactured by Rocks Off, the company behind Rock Chick, Rude Boy and The Lick. The Slinky Pinky looks like a long and thick finger, and is ideal for vaginal or clitoral play. This subtle little sex toy sets itself apart from other vibrators, because... More >>

Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibe

Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibe  $145.00

The Jimmyjane Form 2 is a waterproof vibrator with a revolutionary design. Made from flexible slate colored silicone, it is small with a wide base and two flexible ears that each vibrate with their own motor. When ears are placed along each side of the clitoris, both the labia and clitoris are... More >>

Lelo Lily

Lelo Lily $129.00

The Lelo LILY Pleasure Object

LILY is a delicate and discreet pleasure object with a silky-smooth surface and a deceptively powerful purr.

This vibrator has a... More >>

Lelo NEA

Lelo NEA $89.00

The Lelo NEA Pleasure Object

NEA is a discreet pleasure object, a vibrator full of toe-curling promise, with a unique porcelain-like finish decorated with a floral motif reminiscent of... More >>

Vibratex Star Burst

Vibratex Star Burst $35.00

Get ready for an intergalactic joy ride courtesy of Vibratex, lovingly crafted in Japan. This discreet, travel-friendly vibe offers wireless, waterproof fun. Attachment sleeves include an elastomer tickler and a soft, stippled suction cup that will send you over the edge... More >>

The Lick

The Lick $18.95

Regular Price: $29.00
Clearance Price: $18.95!

The Lick is a stimulating vibrator that made its way here from England by popular demand. Shaped similarly to its moniker, The Lick is a completely silent... More >>

Pocket Rocket with Bunny Attachment

Pocket Rocket with Bunny Attachment $27.00

This compact waterproof vibrator is small enough to fit in a purse or pocket.

Four small massaging knobs offer focused, powerful vibrations. It can be capped with the clear rounded tip or... More >>

The G-2 Pocket Rocket Vibe

The G-2 Pocket Rocket Vibe $29.00

This special little vibrator, also known as a "pocket rocket," is imported from Japan.

It is powerful, 4" long, white, cylindrically shaped, and has 3 dome-shaped nodules at the top. Not designed for insertion, it is more... More >>

7-Function Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

7-Function Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg $69.95

This is a small, waterproof, rubber vibrator about the size of a narrow egg. It uses a wireless remote for totally discreet fun. The egg is about 1.75" long and has a circumference of 4.25". It is a perfect item for vaginal use. There are 7 hypersonic functions of vibration, pulsation, and... More >>

Vibrating Silver Bullet

Vibrating Silver Bullet $9.00

The Blush Silver Power Bullet is simple and economical. The Silver Power Bullet is multispeed and waterproof. Incredibly powerful high tech motor. This motor outperforms most others on the market.

Takes two AA... More >>

Dynamo Bullet Vibrator, Large

Dynamo Bullet Vibrator, Large $11.00

This Large Dynamo Bullet is similar to our Micro-Size Dynamo Bullet - B067, but it's somewhat thicker and longer.

This bullet is a fun little multi-speed toy consisting of a silver, cylindrical-shaped bullet attached to a... More >>

Night-Light Silver Bullet Vibrator

Night-Light Silver Bullet Vibrator $12.00

This multi-speed toy is a small silver oval shape, a little smaller than an egg. It has a wired remote and a little blue light at the tip of the oval that illuminates your night-time adventures.

The bullet is about 2½" long and 1½" in diameter. For anal or vaginal use. It... More >>

Remote Control Vibrating Egg

Remote Control Vibrating Egg $85.00

Compact, powerful and convenient, this liberating little toy is about the size of a narrow egg. Activated by a wireless remote control that fits easily into a pocket or purse and can be triggered with the simple push of a button, the Vibrating Egg offers discretionary fun when used... More >>

Whisper Vibe

Whisper Vibe $31.99

The Whisper Vibe Duets comes with two interchangeable vibrators. One is slim, the other shaped like a penis. The easy to use controller allows you to choose varied 4 speeds for ultra pleasure. The Whisper Vibe is a fun alternative to the typical bullet styled vibrators and comes in an attractive... More >>

Excite-Her Silver Bullet

Excite-Her Silver Bullet  $12.99

The Excite-Her Silver Bullet is a two speed vibrating bullet. The heavy duty reinforced cord and easy to use controller makes play carefree. The Excite-Her Silver Bullet is waterproof so treat yourself to an orgasmic shower!


  • Insertable... More >>


Batteries $5.00

For any and all of your needs to keep your vibrator humming and your butt plug buzzing.

• AA - 4 pack
• AAA - 4 pack
More >>

Replacement Batteries

Replacement Batteries $2.75

Playfully packaged by the "Dead Batteries" company, these replacement 1.5V batteries are ready to go when you run out of power. Each pack contains three batteries, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the packaging.... More >>

Glace Dancer Bullet Vibe

Glace Dancer Bullet Vibe $37.00 | SALE: $25.00

Prepare yourself for a glowing experience when you bring the Glace Dancer Massager into the bedroom. A streamlined, but extra large bullet-style vibrator, this toy is the perfect size and shape for stimulating the clitoris or any area of your body that needs special attention. It can even... More >>

Fun Factory Laya Spot Vibe

Fun Factory Laya Spot Vibe $49.99 | SALE: $37.49

The LayaSpot Vibrator is a uniquely shaped, ergonomically-designed silicone vibrator that looks great and works a little bit differently than strictly insertable vibes. This small vibrator (about the size of a computer mouse) fits very nicely in the hand and cradles perfectly in the contours of a... More >>

Pink Corset Devine Toy Box

Pink Corset Devine Toy Box $42.00

The Devine Toy Box is an attractive and fashionable place to store your toys, lotions, and lubes in a place that is safe, secure, and discreet. This toy box is styled of faux leather, lace, and satin. The box is 9” long, 4” wide, and 4” tall. The size makes it very convenient for transporting... More >>

Mini Stella II Kegel Balls

Mini Stella II Kegel Balls  $31.99

For those already with strong muscles looking to keep them in shape, the Mini Stella II Kegel Balls from Jopen offer healthy weights with a slim 1 inch diameter. Featuring a silicone sling that holds 2 balls at once, this set comes with 3 balls: one 30 gram ball and two 40 gram balls, so you can... More >>

Minna kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer

Minna kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer $158.00

Curious about kegels? Wonder if they’re working? The revolutionary Minna kGoal Smart Kegel Exerciser takes the thought out of them so you can get started with no excuses! Pair the kGoal with your smartphone (IOS or Android) via an optional free app to guide you through a real-time training... More >>

Kinklab Mystic Vibe Wireless Vibrating Eggs

Kinklab Mystic Vibe Wireless Vibrating Eggs $34.95 | SALE: $22.72

Looking to let go of a little control? Kinklab has the perfect toy for you. The Mystic Vibe is a finely-crafted vibrating egg that has 20 pre-programmed functions. That versatility alone makes it one of our finest product, but it's so much more than that. The Mystic Vibe also comes with a wireless... More >>