Braided Six Tail Flogger (QU01585)

Braided Six Tail Flogger
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The Braided 6 Tail Flogger is a classic cat o’ six (or cat of six) tails whip, finely crafted and capable of inflicting serious pain on its subject. During a blow with a short handled whip or flogger, the tails spill out, for a hit that spans a wide area. The acting principle behind this 6 tail whip is similar to the action of a traditional flogger -- the difference being that each tail carries significantly more force because of their individual weight. Each tail is braided from 4 belts of soft leather. As the weight of each plait increases, the force of each doesn’t increase in relation to the weight. This concentrated impact, in combination with the weight of the tails, deeply penetrates the tissue, affecting the muscles underneath as well as the skin itself.

The tails of the Braided 6 Tail Flogger are braided from 4 cone-shaped belts. The cone-shaped tails have a complicated weaving pattern, with no knots at their ends. This makes for a very smooth, even strike with much more control after impact. The ends of each tail are flared, with a slit and slip-through method for finishing the braid.

The Braided 6 Tail Flogger is well balanced and relatively light, with the thick handle providing a counter weight for the tails. The handle is braided over a steel core, with wrapped leather strips at the base and the end and a nice leather wrist loop attached with a metal eye hook and a rivet. Great for BDSM impact play, the Braided Six Tail Flogger is less likely to lacerate the skin than other 6 tail whips, as it has more of a thudding impact verses a sting.

 •31 in/78.7cm in Total Length
 •23in/58.4cm Thong
 •8in/20.3cm Handle
 •2in/5.1cm Fall
 •7in/17.8cm Wrist Loop
 •Weighs 10.4 oz.
 •These whips are handmade works of art and may vary in size by several inches.

Safety and Usage

Break in and keep your whip in shape with regular use, while keeping it free of moisture or dirt. Both dirt and water will damage the whip and ruin it quickly. Many leather conditioners are designed to soften and moisturize, and therefore should be used sparingly or not at all.

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