Boy Butter Lube (C098)

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Boy Butter Lube

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At last... A butter without all the calories!

If you haven't seen, used or heard of it already, then brace yourself because Boy Butter Personal Lubricant is spreading fast (pun intended). Some lubricants become sticky and you have to keep reapplying them; some lubricants linger on your parts a few days after application. What was missing was a good long-lasting lube that was a cinch to clean off.

After countless hours of excruciatingly fun research and testing, the perfect formula was discovered: an all-vegetable oil based product that is like buttah.

This 16 ounce butter tub contains a unique long lasting 100% Grade A Boy Butter formula, made from all natural vegetable oils. Boy Butter feels amazing while never spoiling and never needing refrigeration. Best of all, it is totally water soluble, washing off with just water. NO SOAP AT ALL REQUIRED!

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