Bent (D647)


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The Bent glass dildo has been carefully designed for a variety of sensual sensations. The curved end allows the Bent to hit the G spot for an explosive orgasm. The 3 rounded shapes on the opposite side with the tapered end also stimulates and heightens pleasure. The glass is wonderful for experimenting with temperature control. Put it in the freezer for a jolt of cold or heat it up in hot water for warm and inviting feeling. Glass is easy to clean for ultimate hygiene.


  • Overall Length: 9in (22.9cm)

  • Diameter: 1.27in (3.2cm)

  • Circumference: 4in (10.2cm)

  • Weight 0.044 lb (7 oz)

  • Made of Glass

  • Comes in attractive black padded pouch

Safety, Care and Usage

Please clean before and after use with warm water and soap. Dry and store in protective padded pouch.

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