Bend Over Harness Kits (B664)

Bend Over Harness Kits

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Is there someone in your life who is curious about strapping it on, but doesn't know quite where to begin? Well, we have the perfect starter kits! Everything a beginner and intermediate sensuous player would need to strap it on is included in this package.

This strap-on harness is low-riding with a fuzzy velvet front and highly adjustable nylon straps. The kit has 2 color coordinated dildos. These hypoallergenic silicone dildos are shaped and sized appropriately for those just beginning anal play adventures.

Dildos in Beginner Kit:
  • Length: 4in (10.16cm)
  • Diameter: .75in (1.90cm)
  • Length: 5in (12.7cm)
  • Diameter: 1.25in (3.17cm)

Dildos in Intermediate Kit:
(Available in purple or black)
  • Length: 5.5in (13.97cm)
  • Diameter: 1.25in (3.17cm)
  • Length: 7in (17.78cm)
  • Diameter: 1.5in (3.81cm)

A powerful variable-speed mini-vibe sits in a secret pocket behind the dildo to give the wearer an extra jolt of fun. The straps are adjustable, fitting up to 50" hips. The 1½" O-ring can be exchanged for play with other sized dildos (sold separately). Washable, smart, and sexy. Bottom line - this is one hot strap-on package!

Requires 3 watch batteries (included).

Replacement Batteries for the Micro Mini-Massager are available here.

For safety, sharing, and easy clean-up of your toys, use a condom!
Made in the USA

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