Beads & Balls

Kinklab Private Pursuit Kegel Balls

Kinklab Private Pursuit Kegel Balls $39.50 | SALE: $25.97

What better way to create better orgasms and sustainable muscle health than through Kinklab’s high quality kegel balls? Made from premium-blend silicone, the Private Pursuit balls can be easily inserted and worn for up to eight hours, helping to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle tone and may... More >>

Mini Stella II Kegel Balls

Mini Stella II Kegel Balls  $31.99

For those already with strong muscles looking to keep them in shape, the Mini Stella II Kegel Balls from Jopen offer healthy weights with a slim 1 inch diameter. Featuring a silicone sling that holds 2 balls at once, this set comes with 3 balls: one 30 gram ball and two 40 gram balls, so you can... More >>

Mini Stella I Kegel Balls

Mini Stella I Kegel Balls $24.99

With a small 1 inch diameter, these Mini Stella I Kegel Balls by Jopen are perfect for those looking for a smaller size. Each set includes 2 balls, each constructed with a different free-floating weight inside, so you’ll feel its pleasurable, natural vibrations with your own movements.
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Stella II Key by Jopen

Stella II Key by Jopen $35.00

Run a tight ship and discover a new world of stronger orgasms after working out with the Stella II Key kegel ball set.

This unique and comfortable product is made entirely of soft body-safe silicone, and it is designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles with... More >>

Stella I Key by Jopen

Stella I Key by Jopen $30.00

Discover a new world of stronger orgasms and better sex with the Stella I Key Kegel exerciser.

This simple exerciser is made with top-quality, soft silicone and, with proper regular use, is guaranteed to help strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

Designed... More >>

Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set

Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set $40.00

Ladies, prepare to tighten up and experience a whole new world of stronger orgasms after working out with the Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set!

Made entirely of silky soft body safe silicone, this product is safe and comfortable. More importantly, with regular use it is designed... More >>

Embrace Love Balls

Embrace Love Balls $108.99

Need to meditate on your orgasm? This spiritual regimen will have you levitating in no time!

Embrace Love Balls from California Exotics are a linked pair of buzzing silicone kegel exercise balls that you'll learn to love back once you get to know them. Safe underwater, and with all... More >>

Sex and Mischief Kegel Balls

Sex and Mischief Kegel Balls $14.50

Grab it and don't let go! This set of two Sex & Mischief Kegel balls in body-safe surgical-grade stainless steel is a modern take on Ben Wa balls, and similar weights used since ancient times to improve vaginal health and sensation.

Inserting and gently flexing around the Kegel balls... More >>

Fun Factory Smartballs Duo

Fun Factory Smartballs Duo $29.99 | SALE: $22.49

Fun Factory has created a kegel exerciser with their unique Smartballs Duo. The medical grade 100% silicone cord and coating are supple to the touch, with raised hypoallergenic plastic ridges to provide extra sensation.

Smartballs, when inserted vaginally, help to strengthen and tone... More >>

V-Globe Kegel Balls

V-Globe Kegel Balls $27.50

V-Globe Kegel exercise balls are the newest addition to our pleasure pantheon of ben wa and duotone balls. Discover what millions of women around the world already have - that the easy, effortless exercise provided by these 100% medical grade silicone toys is a pleasure to perform, while the... More >>

Chrome Egg

Chrome Egg $49.00 | SALE: $31.85

You can decide for yourself what to do with this impressively heavy, solid chrome plated steel egg.

There's a small hole through the center of the egg through which a lace can be threaded to aid in extracting it from dark places. For safety, make sure to only use this toy... More >>

Vaginal Ball w/ Chain

Vaginal Ball w/ Chain $36.00

It’s a fact: kegel exercises lead to better sex and stronger orgasms. The Vaginal Ball w/ Chain is here to help. Insert the large steel ball into your vagina and squeeze around it. Consistent use will get your muscles toned up, your orgasms intensified, and your lover deeply satisfied! When you’re... More >>

Triple Vaginal Ball w/ Double Chain

Triple Vaginal Ball w/ Double Chain $48.00

Strengthen your pelvic floor with these stainless steel balls in order to get stronger muscles, greater orgasms, and a more satisfied partner.

These ingenious balls have been around for hundreds of years, used to increase sexual stimulation and strengthen vaginal muscles. This... More >>

Stainless Steel Anchor

Stainless Steel Anchor $94.00

The Anchor is a stainless steel anal hook and plug with removable ball pieces at one end, and a removable steel ball on a stem that is moveable and can be adjusted for either end. The ball can be inserted anally to stimulate and massage the prostate. This well crafted metal sex device has an... More >>

Anchor w/ Rope Hook

Anchor w/ Rope Hook $80.00 | SALE: $28.00

The Anchor w/ Rope Hook is a stainless steel rope bondage hook with 2 pieces, and 2 different rings and a ball on a stem that is moveable and can be adjusted for either end. The ball can be inserted vaginally, or anally and can stimulate and massage the male prostate. This high quality metal sex... More >>

Double Ball Anchor w/ Rope Hook

Double Ball Anchor w/ Rope Hook $98.00

The Double Ball Anchor w/ Rope Hook is a stainless steel rope bondage hook with 2 pieces, and 2 different rings and a double ball on a stem that is moveable and can be adjusted for either end. The double ball can be inserted vaginally, or anally and can stimulate and massage the male prostate. This... More >>

Vaginal Ball w/ Double Chain

Vaginal Ball w/ Double Chain $42.00

If your vaginal muscles are ready to graduate to a more intense workout, maybe it’s time to do some weight training. Insert the stainless steel ball into your vagina, and squeeze it as hard as you can to stimulate your muscles. When you’re ready for play with your partner, simply tug at the chains... More >>

njoy Fun Wand

njoy Fun Wand $85.00

njoy Fun Wand is more than a sex toy. It has as many applications as a Swiss Army knife. Insert one end for amazing g-spot orgasms, or use the beaded end for anal ecstasy. Practice kegel exercises to increase vaginal muscle strength and control, or just grab your favorite massage oil and use the... More >>

Anal Bead & Dildo Combo

Anal Bead & Dildo Combo $20.00

The Combo Anal and Smooth Tool is a double ended penetrator that is a smooth translucent purple latex dildo on one end, and a firm strand of sil-a-gel anal beads on the other.

Each end is fine for either anal or vaginal penetration. The combo tool is designed for sensual stimulation... More >>

Tantus Buck Butt Plug

Tantus Buck Butt Plug $61.00

The black Tantus Buck butt plug is a thrilling treat with three big graduating ripples perfect to please yourself or your partner. It is also useful as an anal training tool.

Product Details:

•   Overall Length: 6.5in (16.51cm)

•  ... More >>

Aneros EVI

Aneros EVI $69.00

Hands free stimulation toys have become all the rage lately, but have been primarily geared towards men's pleasure. Now it's time for the women to play with the newest silicone G-spot stimulator, The EVI by Aneros!

The ergonomically designed head presses against the G-spot while the... More >>

Steel Pleasure Lever

Steel Pleasure Lever  $69.00 | SALE: $44.85

"Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough, and I will move the world," goes the famous maxim attributed to Archimedes.

We can’t avow that the Steel Pleasure Lever will alter the orbit of the planet, but it’s sure to be an earthshaker in the bedroom, or anywhere else you... More >>

Joyful Blue Swirl Glass Dildo

Joyful Blue Swirl Glass Dildo $50.00

Unlock sensations you never knew you could feel with the Joyful Blue Swirl Glass Dildo.

The gorgeous cobalt color of this wand-style art glass dildo pairs wonderfully with the varied textures of each section. At one end, a long, smoothly shaped section features swirling ridges. This... More >>

The Blue Bubbler

The Blue Bubbler $30.00

The Blue Bubbler, which comes in a beautiful shade of cobalt blue, has four equal sized beads that would be just as at home sliding into a pussy as an ass, providing rippling pleasure from top to bottom. Made of borosilicate glass that resists thermal shock, this would be an ideal entry item for... More >>

Fun Factory Boosty Plug

Fun Factory Boosty Plug $34.99 | SALE: $26.24

Get ready to take your anal exploration up a few notches with this thrilling plug! Its bulging spheres and smooth sensuous curves similar to anal beads are amazing for P and G-spot stimulation. Boosty’s playful design is ideal for intermediate and advanced anal explorers. Once your booty is warmed... More >>

Falcon Ass Egg

Falcon Ass Egg $25.00 - $30.00

Firm, smooth, and comfortably round, the Falcon Ass Egg is a pleasure for any experience level, from beginner to hardboiled veteran. The tapered egg shape makes insertion easy, and gives the perfect feeling of fullness, stretching and stimulating evenly. With two size levels, it’s easy to train... More >>

TitanMen Master Tool 3

TitanMen Master Tool 3 $18.00

Are you an anal professional living amongst amateurs? Then consider the Master Tool #3 by TitanMen. Built on the principle that a true anal master needs a trusty, reliable tool, not a “toy”, the Master Tool #3 is made from an anti-bacterial and non-toxic rubber formula, and is latex and cadmium... More >>

Anal Wand, Red

Anal Wand, Red $16.95

This Anal Wand is a rippled, graduated dong with rounded tip for easy insertion. Features a rounded base for a perfect grip to wrap your hands around.

Made of high quality smooth Poly-Melt rubber in attractive candy red.

Product Details:

 ... More >>

Anal Stimulator Black

Anal Stimulator Black $24.99

Ride the roller coaster of size and sensation with the Anal Stimulator, great for beginners and experienced anal enthusiasts of both genders. Made of flexible black rubber, you or your partner can slide down five beads of ever increasing size until you reach the flared base to prevent anything... More >>

Anal Joystick

Anal Joystick $52.00

The Anal Joystick is made from medical grade steel with five graduating balls for heightened pleasure. The handle can be easily detached from the shaft of balls for easy cleaning. Sleek and smooth this anal toy is perfect for beginners and advanced explorers.

Product... More >>

Tantus Cowboy

Tantus Cowboy $195.00

The Tantus Cowboy is the perfect silicone sex toy for those who have graduated from miniscule anal toys but demand the same high quality that in the past, has only been found in smaller dildos and plugs. The Tantus Cowboy stands at an unyielding 15 inches of pure pleasure you soon won’t... More >>