Bad Habits (AS00141)

Bad Habits

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Two story lines, two full-length scenes, with two amazing fetish submissives(Kendra James and Eva Marx)!

The first scene features redhead Kendra James who is dealing with a serious addiction for cigarettes. Her boyfriend is not appreciative of her bad habit and sent her for some personal hands on therapy. She is going to get retrain to stop smoking for good. But nothing seems to keep her from wanting to fill in her bad habit. All the punishments, the humiliation, the mind games don't seem to have effect on her. Even though she keeps on being disciplined, her begging will never cease.

The negotiations continues and the bar gets raised. Finally the domina, (Anastasia Pierce) gives in Kendra's begging by making her do something that she consider very humiliating. Kendra's last proposal was to pee in front of her. The pact is seal and full of shame she reveals her golden nectar. So Anastasia rewards her with two cigarettes and a big rubber cock. Now Kendra will finally be able to smoke. But she will also have to give a blow job and get fucked while smoking these cigarettes. A very powerful and enthusiastic role play scenario.

In the second story, Eva is a dungeon maid always gets in trouble in hope to get played with and especially get punished. She is definitely naughty by nature and a very hard player. Spanking, flogging, nipple clamps, pussy hook, tickling, caning, tease and denial turns her on. And that's exactly what she is about to get. A full array of BDSM predicament and other kind of sexual domination. That will make her moan and cum very hard! And not just once... This is Eva Marx's first movie ever! She is a natural, with Asian Descendence and a tough player, you will love her look and her on screen presence and performances too per sure!

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Eva Marx, Kendra James

Shot in High Definition

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