8 Piece Hegar Flat Ended Sounds (B382)

8 Piece Hegar Flat Ended Sounds

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The probes are 7" long, making them shorter than the sounds in other kits we offer. They have a somewhat different shape, a slight curve, and the diameters are different as well. They are only usable on one end, since one side is rounded and the other is flat. The most common use for the flat end would be to hook up an electrode or other electrical components.

This item definitely qualifies as unusual and a little scary by most people's standards. This set of 7" probes are made of chrome-plated brass. Each probe in the series is slightly larger than the one before, for a total of 8 graduated sizes, from approximately 1/8 inch in diameter to just over 7/16 inch. The original intended medical use for these probes was to dilate the cervix, but they were also used to clear blockages in the urethra. For people with a fetish for bizarre old medical paraphernalia, these kits are a find.

The tubes are rounded at one end and flat at the other, allowing for an electrode to be attached or just for a different grip. They come in zippered case with velvet lining on the inside. Sold as a novelty, not recommended for actual use except under the guidance of an expert.

Recommended for use with surgical lube

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