7-Function Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg (C619)

7-Function Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

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This is a small, waterproof, rubber vibrator about the size of a narrow egg. It uses a wireless remote for totally discreet fun. The egg is about 1.75" long and has a circumference of 4.25". It is a perfect item for vaginal use. There are 7 hypersonic functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation.

The egg has a 3" antenna/cord for retrieval.

The remote control is just barely larger than a matchbox, and has push button simplicity. It can easily be hidden in a pocket or purse. The manufacturer states that it has a range of 15-20 feet (4-7m), though in our own product testing it has functioned at twice that distance.

• For maximum functionality, make sure that the cord is exposed and that the remote faces toward it during usage.

* The remote control works only with the egg included, and is not compatible with any other vibrating eggs.

This product is compact, powerful, and convenient. Requires 6-1.5V batteries (included + one set of replacements). *Please note that the Stockroom does not carry extra replacement batteries for this product.

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