5 Piece Stainless Steel Restraint Set (E988-Z)

5 Piece Stainless Steel Restraint Set

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For the naughtiest subs, secure every limb using this complete restraint set that takes bondage to a level that would even make the most hardened inmates weep!

The wrist cuffs and ankle shackles are oval-shaped for a margin of comfort, but don't worry: once you've locked the included padlocks and hidden the keys the wearer won't even think that any favors are being given.

A circular neck collar that shuts with a flush screw crowns this top-to-bottom immobilizing set from which there is no escape without permission. The connecting chain can be padlocked to each and every device when used together, but each component is so strong and of such individual quality that you might decide to dominate one step at a time by using each piece separately.

The stainless steel that makes this set is so highly polished that you might even wear the collar or cuffs outside of the dungeon as attractive accessories just to show that you're always in control wherever you are!

Product Details:

 •Includes 5 padlocks and key sets, and a screwdriver for the neck collar

 •Collar circumference: 15.5in/39cm

 •Collar diameter: 4.75in/12cm

 •Collar thickness: 0.44in/1.1cm

 •Overall chain length: 58in/147.5cm


 •Wrist cuff max diamter: 2.25in/5.7cm

 •Ankle cuff max diameter: 3.1in/8cm


 •Wrist cuff max diamter: 2.75in/7cm

 •Ankle cuff max diameter: 3.7in/9.3cm

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