30" Elk Hide Flogger Black/Black (RJ02289)

30" Elk Hide Flogger Black/Black

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For the flogger connoisseur, this 30” Elk Hide Flogger with intricate handle detailing is a stunning addition to any collection. The dyed black elk hide is luxurious, thick and spongy with angle cut tips, making it perfect for sensual play. However, put a bit of muscle into your throw and this flogger delivers a smacking thud as well. The leather wrapped steel rod handle is wrapped in alternating colors of nylon cord, and topped with a nylon cord Turk’s Head knot. A leather wrist strap is attached.

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  • Total length is 30in/76.2cm

  • Length of tails is 21in/53.34cm

  • Width of tails is .25in/.63cm

  • Handle length is 9in/22.86cm

  • Grip circumference is 4in/10.16cm

Safety, Care and Usage

Before using a flogger on a play partner, be sure and receive quality instruction and a lot of practice. To ensure your flogger lasts for years, leather should be conditioned every six months with a quality leather conditioner. Leather floggers should be stored away from excessive dirt, dust, moisture and heat. Pets love to chew on leather, so be sure and keep these toys out of their reach!

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