18 Inch Hardwood Rulers (D177-Z)

18 Inch Hardwood Rulers

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Turn their bottom a new shade of red with these gorgeous rulers.

Beautifully crafted from either solid Bloodwood or Cocobolo, these rulers will make them cringe in delighted anticipation.
Bloodwood is a hardwood imported from South America, is generally from a light pink to a deep blood-red, and is incredibly dense. This wood is often used by woodworkers for its natural ability to take a polish, and its unmistakable red coloring.

Cocobolo is a very beautiful hardwood, known to change color after being cut. The heartwood is typically orange or reddish-brown in color, often with a figuring of darker irregular traces weaving through the wood.

Individual batches of either wood type may vary in color hue or grain pattern.

Bloodwood Rulers are 3/8 inch thick. Cocobolo Rulers are 1/4 inch thick. Both are 1.5 inches wide, 18 inches long and taper at the handle for a firmer grip. The narrow width of the rulers makes it easy to focus on a particular area, allowing you to administer a fairly intense spanking. They are coated with a clear gloss finish, giving the wood a beautiful sheen.

Attached is a leather cord for hanging.

Our model is holding an example of the Bloodwood Ruler.

Happy Spanking!

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