$15 or Less

Velcro Cock Ring

Velcro Cock Ring $9.95

Simple and to the point, the Velcro Cock Ring is completely adjustable to fit your cock. The most common cock and ball toy in the bondage world, this versatile item is a must have. Easy on and easy off, you or your partner can control the pressure and the fun.

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Super Stretch Silicone Cock Rings

Super Stretch Silicone Cock Rings $6.00

Made from durable high-quality silicone, these Super Stretch Silicone Cock Rings will stretch your limits and your fun. These cock rings are crafted from soft and odor-free clear silicone. These little gems are not sticky and can stretch to twice their original size while still being able to... More >>

The O Man

The O Man $12.00

Finally! A vibrating cock ring designed for HIS pleasure! The O Man is a multifaceted gummy cock ring that is made from a squishy and pliable plastic designed with the man and his boys in mind. First, you slip your hard cock into the vibrating cock ring. Then you slide your balls into the... More >>

Beaded Clit Clamp

Beaded Clit Clamp $11.75

The Beaded Clit Clamp from Spartacus is a lovely way to feel intense clitoral stimulation that is as pleasing to the eye as it is a potent device for your delicate parts.

This tweezer-style clamp has rubber tips with full adjustability allowed by the metal ring encircling the... More >>

Screaming O Plus Vibrating Cock Ring

Screaming O Plus Vibrating Cock Ring $8.50 | SALE: $5.00

Bright as candy, and twice as sweet, the Screaming O Plus Vibrating Cock Ring gives your sex life an instant upgrade.

The sheathed vibrator turns on and off with the flip of a... More >>

Tootsie Pop

Tootsie Pop $0.30

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Ask Stockroom founder, Joel Tucker! For the past 20 years, every purchase from the Stockroom has included a Tootsie Pop in every package. If one is never enough, now you have the opportunity to satisfy your kinky side and your sweet... More >>

5-Snap Cock Ring

5-Snap Cock Ring $6.95

This 5-snap cock ring is perhaps one of the most classic items in bondage. Simple and sturdy, this piece features 5 solid snaps extending an extra 4” of length, allowing you to adjust the right amount of pressure. Use it as an ornament or for extensive cock and ball torture. Easy to put on and take... More >>

D-Ring Cock Ring

D-Ring Cock Ring $12.95

The elegantly simple, sturdy D-Ring Cock Ring is adjustable, allowing you to apply just the right amount of pressure to keep your cock nice and hard. Made of soft, high quality garment leather, this superior cock ring features a single metal snap and two D-Rings. The leather strap loops around and... More >>

Stockroom Catalog 2012

Stockroom Catalog 2012 $3.00

The Stockroom celebrates its 23rd birthday in 2012! To mark this occasion, we’ve produced our most extensive and provocative catalog to date! This highly anticipated new edition features one of our most delectably popular images of Dutch Playboy model Ancilla Tilia on the front cover and 71 pages... More >>